About Us

With our name — Southern Manor Living Centers, LLC — comes 25 years of healthcare experience with our parent company, Health Care Corporation of America, which is known for creating fresh, innovative approaches to healthcare markets around the world. By building residential centers for older adults in smaller Middle Tennessee communities, Southern Manor Living Centers has created complete living and care settings close to family, friends and familiar places (personal physicians’ offices, shopping, church, etc.). Being part of a family is what the Southern Manor Living Centers is all about. The idea behind creating each of our one-of-a-kind facilities was simple — to offer a community where residents can become members of a safe and caring extended family, where they feel secure and at home in their daily activities, in making friends and in creating their own unique neighborhood. Here, they have the personal assistance that makes their lives easier and more enjoyable, yet they still maintain their own individuality, privacy and independence. Let us introduce you to Southern Manor Living Centers and the many unique qualities that our homes can bring to your family.

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