We’ve Created the Perfect Lifestyle

At Southern Manor Living Centers, we understand that as people age, everyday tasks such as maintaining a home and mowing the yard, cooking and cleaning up after meals, getting in and out of a bath and even buttoning a shirt or putting on jewelry can become difficult. Living alone can begin to feel isolating, stressful and perhaps frightening. Often, though, living with a sibling or adult child may not be preferable or even possible.

That’s why we’ve created our special residential communities designed to give older adults the assistance they need and the companionship they desire without sacrificing their privacy or independence. Our lovely, single-level apartments are complemented with comfortably furnished common areas — both inside and outdoors — where residents gather to dine, socialize with neighbors and visit with friends and family. Three delicious meals a day, weekly housekeeping services and an activities calendar packed with fun and festivities, plus 24-hour access to caring, professional staff, round out our residential package that is second to none in the Middle Tennessee communities where we’re located.

What makes Southern Manor Living Centers especially appealing is our commitment to nurturing each resident’s individual “total wellness” — physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This whole-person focus comes by design — by our professional staff’s orientation and training in wellness, through the comfortable residential setting and by the welcome given to family support. All contribute to an environment that encourages and empowers our residents to maximize their independence and live life to the fullest.

The unique wellness and care program designed by Southern Manor Living Centers provides a tailored “Wellness Plan” for each resident. Initially, family input helps establish the resident’s daily living needs. One month after moving in, the Wellness Plan is adjusted to reflect any changes in needs. Then the plan is updated at least four times a year, or more often if changes are observed by any of the resident’s assistants and caregivers.

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